TLC / BWTC Community Facilitator for Greenways

One of the potential street transformations considered in this project.

How do you find out if homeowners and neighborhood residents are amenable to turning their street into a linear park?

The short answer is: you ask them. Working with TLC / Bike Walk Twin Cities, we convened and facilitated community conversations around the possibility of converting some residential streets in North Minneapolis - one of the most ethnically, culturally and economically diverse communities in Minnesota - into a Greenway for pedestrians and cyclists.

Making extensive use of user-friendly materials, including renderings and visually-rich explanations, we led a process to conduct listening sessions in partnership with North Minneapolis cultural, religious, civic and ethnic institutions.

We worked with young people and seniors, African American civic organizations, Hmong immigrant institutions, and renters, homeowners and business owners to productively engage residents and discover community ideas and aspirations for what could become a unique piece of the Twin Cities walking and bicycling network.