The Saint Paul Grand Round

To expand participation, we took engagement events to the neighborhoods and places in and around the proposed route for the Grand Round.

The Saint Paul Grand Round is a visionary project to complete a 30 mile scenic parkway with off-street pedestrian and bicycle trails connecting neighborhoods across the entire city of Saint Paul.

The Grand Round is a city-wide asset that has increased walking and biking connections to local businesses and destinations, helped calm traffic in residential neighborhoods, and connected communities across the city.

CDG led conversations with and information-gathering from Saint Paul residents, visitors and businesses for development of the plan. We coordinated and carried out interactive, family-friendly, place-based activities - including "Pop-Up" workshops at key points along the proposed Grand Round alignments like trail gateways and junctions, community and scenic destinations, and neighborhood events to share project information and gather public comments at multiple stages of the project.

We developed extensive and innovative materials for in-person and online engagement as well as for project marketing, communications, and branding. In addition, we developed and maintained the project's public website to disseminate background information, updates and announcements, and online engagement tools.

Construction of the project was started in 2017 and will continue in phases over the next five years.

Resources and related documents: