Rochester MN DMC City Loop

CDG developed design drawings for laying out the City Loop within Rochester's existing and planned transportation investments.

Rochester's Destination Medical Center (DMC) is one of the most significant development initiatives to occur in the Midwest in many years. The DMC's City Loop bicycle trail is a key component for developing transportation options for workers and visitors, attracting a skilled workforce to the city, and building quality of life for all.

The trail will connect into Rochester's existing bikes network while creating a route encircling downtown. Supporting Rochester’s DMC Development District, the City Loop will provide low-stress, high quality walking and biking facilities that safely connect residents, employees, visitors, patients, and patient companions with places and spaces throughout the downtown.

As part of a multidisciplinary project team, CDG worked with other project partners to develop design alternatives for the trail, and to develop concept and design drawings to inform the complex planning for the accompanying Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system serving the city. In addition, CDG provided best practices guidance around the trail's operations and maintenance, with a focus on winter operations to support year-round use.