Robbinsdale Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

Robbinsdale has many walking and biking assets in place already. Our plan organizes, connects and leverages these assets to create a walking and biking network that serves as a framework for future gains.

Robbinsdale is a first-ring Twin Cities suburb that is enjoying a resurgence in development and economic activity. Upcoming transportation investments, including the Bottineau LRT line, will more easily and conveniently link its economic, recreational and cultural assets with the metropolitan region and surrounding communities.

Working in close collaboration with city and county staff and community residents, CDG developed the city’s new (and first) Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan.

The plan is deeply informed by a Community Health / Active Living perspective, and responds to the city-making and multi-modal potential offered by the upcoming development of Bottineau LRT and its planned station within Robbinsdale’s commercial and civic core.

The plan features detailed recommendations for pedestrian and bicycle facilities and networks, with guidance for implementation and a robust framework for developing connections between the city’s existing downtown district, regional trails, neighborhoods, schools, and the planned LRT station. Recommendations leverage current assets and planned investments to create a framework for a reimagined pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly Robbinsdale.

The plan was very favorably received, and was adopted by the Robbinsdale City Council at its meeting of September 2, 2014.

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