MnDOT Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Technical Assistance

CDG's plans include a combination of infrastructure and programming improvements to increase student walking and biking to school.

Working for the Minnesota Department of Transportation over four funding cycles (2012 to 2017), CDG developed over one hundred Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) plans to improve walking and biking conditions for students at schools throughout Minnesota.

Our services have included everything from detailed site audits, concept development and infrastructure design to programming (non-infrastructure) recommendations, phasing and plan implementation guidance, and ongoing support to schools through engagement with parents and agency partners.

We have made extensive use of interactive online tools to engage students, parents, and each school’s entire community. In addition, we have led numerous training courses on pedestrian and bicycle planning best practices and SRTS infrastructure and programming recommendations for planning agency staff and partners, including Regional Development Commission (RDC) staff from throughout Minnesota.

And most importantly, our plans have been effective: they have led to many successful funding applications for implementation and improvement.