The International Falls Comprehensive Plan

International Falls is a city of many icons. Image: International Falls Chamber of Commerce.

We're working with the City of International Falls to develop a new Comprehensive Plan and update the city's Zoning Code. The new plan is the city’s first in more than a half century (the most recent one was completed in 1966!). The city is located on the Rainy River, along the US / Canada border, and is the largest port of entry for international railroad traffic in the United States today. It includes significant paper industry operations, and is an important gateway for tourism, including for visitors to Voyageurs National Park.

Our work includes all aspects of plan development from community visioning to careful formulation of recommendations, and working across a complex tapestry of organizations and governmental entities, from the Federal General Services Administration and the Canadian Consulate to the County Economic Development Authority and the local Chamber of Commerce.

The Plan will work across jurisdictions to identify solutions that diversify the community's economic base, leverage existing industry, drive tourism, and attract a new generation of residents.