Fitchburg WI Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

Arriving at the Fitchburg Bike Roundabout and Commuter Station.

Fitchburg is an innovative and prosperous community of about 25,000 people just south of Madison, Wisconsin. The city is home to three major regional trails (the Military Ridge State Trail, the Capital City Trail, and the Badger State Trail) as well as several local trails. Numerous shared-use paths, as well as the area’s first Bike Roundabout Commuter Station and a number of high-quality mountain bike trails round out the picture of a city with numerous assets already in place and a clear path to the next level of bike/walk orientation and success.

Seeking to improve access to walking and biking for all its residents, the city hired CDG to update its previous bicycle plan and develop sidewalk and trail recommendations that provide an integrated Active Transportation framework for the next ten years.

CDG developed a Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update that offers specific guidance regarding route networks, intersection treatments, programs, and implementation strategies to make walking and biking in Fitchburg more enjoyable, safe, and a viable transportation option for all residents.

We worked closely with city residents, staff and leaders to receive community guidance, develop the plan, and facilitate plan adoption. The planned improvements will help spur economic development, connect neighbors, and attract a new generation of families to Fitchburg. 

The plan was approved and adopted by the Fitchburg City Council on March 28 2017.

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