Community Visioning for the WSCO / District 3 Plan

Westside residents using modeling clay and working together to describe their ideas for the future of their community.

In spring of 2011, the West Side Community Organization (WSCO) began a process to develop a new Community Plan for District 3. Discovering and developing the vision that would guide the policies included in the Plan was the first step in this process.

Community Design Group was hired to design and implement a visioning process to:

  • Maximize participation across the multiple ethnic and cultural communities living and working in the Westside,
  • Develop and expand a constituency of engaged and informed residents who would continue their involvement in the Plan, and
  • Result in a community-consensus vision that would guide the recommendations in the new Plan (to be developed by WSCO).

Working closely with WSCO, CDG developed a set of hands-on, map-based visioning activities that bridged language, culture and literacy barriers and provided new insights and helpful information to the project team. CDG also led several community meetings and trained WSCO organizers and residents to lead additional workshops. Guidance obtained was used by WSCO to develop the organization’s new Community Plan, which was adopted by the City of Saint Paul in February 2013.