Community Engagement for the SW LRT TSAAP Project

The SW LRT - Green Line Extension will be the third light rail line in the Twin Cities.

The Southwest LRT / Green Line Extension will be the Twin Cities metropolitan region's third light rail line, providing service from Downtown Minneapolis to Eden Prairie, with a total of 17 stations along 15 miles of track. As a major transportation investment, Southwest LRT will shape regional access and development for decades to come.

The SW LRT Transitional Station Area Action Plans (TSAAP) project sought to develop a set of Opening Day recommendations that would help more people connect to LRT more easily - from the line's first day of operations. Project sponsor Hennepin County placed a high priority in expanding community participation in the planning process, with special emphasis on inviting the participation of underrepresented populations residing along the transit line.

Community Design Group developed the project’s Community Engagement Plan (CEP) organizing engagement activities in all five cities that host system stations. CDG also designed, organized and facilitated listening sessions with underrepresented communities along the line. CDG worked closely with the City of Minneapolis Creative CityMaking artists to implement fun, friendly, approachable and useful activities that supported goals for expanded resident participation.

The TSAAP planning project was successfully completed in December 2013. Planning for Southwest LRT is moving forward in the process toward final design and construction.