The 38th Street and Chicago Avenue Small Area / Corridor Framework Plan

One potential view of 38th and Chicago.

Working closely with four of the most economically, ethnically and culturally diverse neighborhoods in Minneapolis (with a combined population of 23,000 people), CDG developed a placemaking and economic development blueprint offering specific guidance for supporting the revitalization of important neighborhood corridors and commercial nodes.

Developed through multiple rounds of community visioning and participation, the Plan includes recommendations for land use, transportation, economic development, housing, and urban design, with prominent Active Living / community health and arts-based community development components. Sustainable mobility, with emphasis on pedestrian, bicycle and transit movement and circulation, are important components of the Plan.

Approved by the Minneapolis City Council and adopted into the City’s Comprehensive Plan, its recommendations have guided City investments through the Great Streets Neighborhood Business District Program, resulting in City financial support for arts-incubator, streetscape, and neighborhood livability improvements.