Water, Infrastructure, Climate Change: Future-Oriented Thinking

Matt Kumka explains the future of infrastructure as our communities adapt to increasingly large rain events

This past Friday CDG hosted an enriching water-themed Lunch-and-Learn to cap off Infrastructure Week. The presentation featured two field experts: Matt Kumka of Barr Engineering and Marcus Bush of the Metropolitan Council. Matt presented on infrastructure innovations that creatively and responsibly deal with water runoff. Marcus focused on the efforts of the Met Council's Environmental Services department to most efficiently process water and accommodate increased regional growth.

Key presentation takeaways:

  • Green Infrastructure should really just be called Infrastructure. As Matt noted, the future of how we build and how we deal with water has to be "green." The reality is that all infrastructure installed today should be "green" in how it allows for filtration, captures and reuses greywater, and encourages healthy spread of water across our lands.
  • Rain Gardens in road diet projects can be a community education experience and enhance local-stewardship of water resources.
  • Large storm events are overwhelming our utility systems. Excessive Inflow and Infiltration amounts are increasing how much water we waste and incurring additional governmental, community, and environmental costs. The Met Council is encouraging integrated water solutions that utilize green infrastructure and partnerships to more responsibly and sustainably steward our regional water resources. 

For more information, please visit the Met Council's Inflow and Infiltration page. 

Thank you to all who came to this engrossing presentation. Stay tuned for our next Lunch and Learn events!