Designing a Pedestrian Demonstration in Red Wing, Minnesota

Creative crosswalks can add creative identity to a place while enhancing pedestrian safety.

CDG is excited to be working with the City of Red Wing, Minnesota on an innovative active places demonstration project for the city's original Main Street this summer!

The City of Red Wing has selected CDG for design, implementation, and analysis services related to a pedestrian-oriented Active Places Demonstration Project grant provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. The project is creating temporary pedestrian and bicycle-oriented infrastructure at the intersection of Old West Main and Jackson Street over the course of three summer weekends. This temporary demonstration project has the intent of inspiring community support for permanent pedestrian-oriented infrastructure improvements to the intersection and adjacent streets during planned reconstruction in 2021. As the City's downtown core businesses shift towards more restaurant and nightlife uses (there are two brewpubs now on a block that used to be almost exclusively light industrial), the City of Red Wing is recognizing that changing businesses call for a new approach to street function and form.

These changing dynamics are spurring this project, which allows for innovation in pedestrian and bicycle oriented street design. CDG will design bumpouts, benches, temporary sidewalk extensions, and other features to provide the public an enhanced pedestrian experience at the intersection. The addition of a creative crosswalk, sanctioned by Public Works, will be a special added feature not often seen in demonstration projects. It is exciting that the City and its Public Works Department are interested in pursuing a temporary creative crosswalk design ideas. Creative crosswalks have ample community benefits, including enhancing pedestrian safety, providing a sense of community identity, slowing traffic, and beautifying the streetscape.

The Active Places Demonstration project in Red Wing is an exciting opportunity to create safer, more engaging streets for the community!