Comprehensive Planning in International Falls!

International Falls is a city of many icons. Image: International Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Community Design Group has been hired to develop the Comprehensive Plan Update for the city of International Falls!

We are excited to have the opportunity to engage with the entire community as we lead the visioning process, community analysis, technical evaluation, and recommendation development for the City of International Falls.

International Falls is a town of about 6,500 residents in northern Minnesota. It is located on the Rainy River, which forms the border between the United States and Canada. International Falls is a unique border town with a rich history that spans from ancient Native American habitation and gorgeous natural scenery to the rise of the timber and fur trades. It is the largest port of entry for international railroad traffic in the United States today, and includes significant paper industry operations. International Falls is also known as the “Icebox of the Nation” because of its consistently non-balmy winter temperatures, and for hosting the International Falls Bass Fishing Championship.

This project kicked off in January 2017, with project completion anticipated in early December of 2017. Stay tuned for more project news!