Transit Engagement for CyRide in Ames, Iowa

CyRide is a vital transportation link for Iowa State University students and Ames residents. Image courtesy of Iowa State Daily.

CDG is part of a project team working with the City of Ames, Iowa and CyRide to update the city's current transit system.

CyRide is the transit system operating in Ames. The system provides important connectivity between Iowa State University (ISU) and the City of Ames. In fact, over 90% of all rides on the CyRide network are from ISU students, with each ISU student generating about 170-180 trips per year!

As a result, CyRide system has experienced a rapid 64% growth in demand in the last few years is looking for ways to grow the system and the services it provides to this increased number of riders.

CDG is tasked with obtaining guidance from the riding (and non-riding) public about the kinds of improvements they would like to see. We are providing community engagement through Pop-Up events at existing community events and destinations to maximize the number of people offering their ideas for the next steps for Cyride. The project is currently in progress with anticipated completion for Spring 2017. We are excited to work with CyRide riders, residents and staff to help guide the future of transit in Ames!