Red Wing Tactical Urbanism Pilot Demonstration

Pre-demonstration pilot site visit with the Red Wing team, including City of Red Wing Public Works, Planning, and members of Live Healthy Red Wing

Live Healthy Red Wing - working closely with the City of Red Wing - received a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Active Places demonstration project grant to implement a temporary pilot demonstration of walkability and safety improvements at the intersection of the Old West Main Street and Jackson Street. This intersection is slated for a 2021 reconstruction. The pilot demonstration project was designed to facilitate community understanding of potential pedestrian-focused improvements for the final road redesign, and to help build community support for implementation of these improvements. The pilot demonstration was active for two weeks in the summer of 2017.

CDG provided schematic design suggestions and general implementation guidance for a temporary demonstration project at the intersection of Old West Main and Jackson Streets. In addition, the team designed and implemented public feedback materials including two surveys and a variety of in-person engagement materials. Together these deliverables helped guide project implementation and deliver public feedback on potential streetscape improvements.

Public response was generally favorable to the prospect of pedestrian and bike-focused alterations to the streetscape at Old West Main. Interestingly, it is currently a highly auto-oriented street with little foot traffic. Additionally, working closely with Public Works leadership from the beginning in the concept and implementation of the pilot led to an efficient and successful project process.