Red Rock Corridor Alternatives

Engagement at corridor Park and Rides (to talk with users of the current system and get their ideas for improvement) was an important component of our approach.

Commuter rail was first identified as the preferred transit technology for the Red Rock Corridor more than a decade ago. New conditions along the corridor, and new options for providing service prompted a reexamination of transit alternatives for service along the corridor. The Red Rock Corridor Alternatives Analysis Update (AAU) sought to evaluate alternatives based on a variety of factors, including cost, potential ridership, and satisfaction of riders' needs and vision.

Given the possibility that the recommended transit technology for the corridor could change (from commuter rail to BRT, or Express Bus, or no new service), project sponsors sought a team that offered robust community engagement and an approach to community education that would explain characteristics of each of the alternatives with easy-to-understand materials and presentations.

CDG led community education and engagement activities as part of this reexamination of alternatives. CDG’s tasks included development of the project’s Stakeholder Involvement Plan, convening and facilitation of the project’s Citizens Advisory Committee, design, coordination and facilitation of listening sessions across the corridor’s extent, facilitation of public workshops, and development of reports summarizing results of engagement for use by policymakers and agency personnel.