Minnesota Statewide Bicycle Planning Study

Citizen guidance was an important element for development of this project.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) conducted a study to reexamine all of its bicycle-related policies and practices with the aim of better integrating bikeway facility planning and implementation into its day-to-day business.

Community engagement (conducted statewide) was an important part of this project as members of the public have insights and experiences that can help MnDOT become a more proactive partner in improving conditions for bicycling throughout the state.

CDG facilitated all public workshops for this project and developed policy and technical recommendations that responded to the ideas and comments received. The first phase of this work yielded almost two thousand comments and ideas from members of the public.

This project, completed successfully, served as the foundation for the MnDOT Statewide Bicycle System Plan, which also featured CDG's participation.