Kenilworth Landscape Design Project

CDG’s multifaceted engagement program includes local Pop-Up events in strategic locations to reach target audiences.

The Kenilworth redesign incorporates the proposed Southwest Light Rail Transit (SLRT) project alongside the existing freight rail line in the Kenilworth corridor. The Kenilworth corridor is a regional asset that serves nearly 600,000 people annually. The corridor features separate trails for people who walk and bike, as well as offering connections to several major trails in the wider metro area.

Stakeholder engagement and participation was a critical aspect of this project. Community Design Group (CDG) created a multifaceted outreach effort to ensure that the landscape designs reflected the needs and desires of of the Kenilworth residents, users of the trail and future LRT riders.

CDG led community outreach, engagement and facilitation, including interactive family-friendly workshops and community pop-up events along the corridor.