Highway 252 / I-94 Environmental Review

Participants viewing concepts at an Open House meeting in September 2017.

Highway 252 is a four-mile signalized highway that provides a crucial north-south connection between Interstates 94/694 and Highway 610 to the north. MnDOT, Hennepin County and the cities of Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park are studying several access concepts to improve safety and mobility at the six intersections along the corridor. Three of the six intersections in the project's extent rank in the top twelve for crash cost comparison from 2011-2015. The project aims to improve community connectivity and safety through upgraded pedestrian and bicycle accommodations, access to transit services and maintenance of existing infrastructure investments.

As part of a larger multi-disciplinary team, CDG led a multimodal connectivity study to consider the opportunities and challenges the different concepts will bring to the pedestrian and bicycle environment. In addition, CDG provided advice and recommendations for engaging a broader cross-section of the corridor's population and bringing their perspectives (especially regarding walkable access to transit along the corridor) into the project's environmental documentation.

The project began in 2017 and is expected to conclude in summer 2019.