Grand Forks 2045 Land Use Plan Update

Results from one of the site design workshops in the city.

The City of Grand Forks is working with the Grand Forks - East Grand Forks Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to update the city's long-range land use plan, which will steer how Grand Forks manages growth and development over the next 30 years.

As part of a multi-disciplinary team, Community Design Group is developing land use and transportation planning concepts, and working closely with Grand Forks residents and organizations to make sure that plan recommendations align with community needs and aspirations.

Community visioning and engagement has been a key part of the plan update. We developed and facilitated highly interactive in-person design workshops (think playdoh, big maps and lots of markers and colors), "Pop-Up" workshops in parks and farmers markets, and innovative online tools to expand engagement and participation in the process.

Design recommendations developed by CDG then used this guidance to prepare design concepts for specific sites in the city - from redevelopment of a two-block site near the Grand Forks downtown to the reuse and reconceptualization of a 28 acre mall site in the middle of the city to design recommendations for a 320 acre planned unit development (PUD) site in the city's periphery.

Work on the plan is still ongoing - plan completion is expected for end of 2016. We are excited to be contributing toward the future land use and transportation framework for Grand Forks.

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