Golden Valley Housing Concepts and Engagement

Many housing types are under consideration - from single family types to triplexes and multi-unit apartment buildings.

The City of Golden Valley is working to address the need for affordable housing for its existing and future residents. Recently, the City identified eight publicly-owned sites that it is considering for use as affordable housing.

CDG is working as part of a consultant team to develop a plan for engaging residents living in the vicinity of the parcels - and the city overall - to participate in a design conversation about the configuration of each of the specific sites as well as for discussion of general affordable housing topics.

An important (and unforeseen) component of the project is that it started right at the time that COVID-19 was reaching Minnesota and making in-person meetings and other in-person engagement activities an impossibility. CDG is using its long experience in design and integration of online engagement tools to develop and deploy innovative online and social distance-compliant tools for genuine engagement for the project.