Glencoe Comprehensive Plan

Glencoe is a thriving community poised for a bright future!

Glencoe is a thriving community of almost 6,000 residents, located about an hour west of the Twin Cities on Highway 212. The City, offering a great mix of strong businesses, excellent schools, extensive parks, and great people, is poised to grow. Residents and leaders want to proactively work together to orient that growth so it meets residents' ideas and aspirations for their community.

CDG is leading a team of consultants to develop the City of Glencoe's new Comprehensive Plan (the City's first), which will be the principal organizing tool to communicate and achieve the community's vision.

Working with an active an engaged group of citizens, elected officials and City Staff, the CDG team will develop a blueprint for the City's future. Components of the City's new Comprehensive Plan include:

  • Community Visioning
  • Land Use and Growth Management
  • Downtown Redevelopment
  • Urban Design Guidelines
  • Housing and Economic Development
  • Multimodal Transportation
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Community Facilities and Utilities
  • Cultural Resources
  • Tourism and Arts
  • Economic Resiliency
  • Environmental Resources and Sustainability
  • Implementation Plan

Work on the Plan started in October 2020 and is expected to conclude in October 2021.