Engagement for the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update

Big Questions event at Midtown Global Market

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update for the City of Minneapolis included a total rethinking of city priorities for the built, natural, and economic environment of the City. Equity, livability and sustainability are core values of the 2040 Plan.

To ensure that engagement for the plan matched the city's values, Minneapolis hired CDG to provide city-wide community outreach, engagement and facilitation. CDG's role included designing and coordinating large-scale open house "Big Questions" events - including designing all of the open houses' user-friendly informational materials and hands-on interactive activities. In addition, CDG processed and summarized all engagement received to provide high-level direction to the city on the plan's directions.

Engagement was focused on the core elements in the Comprehensive Plan –transportation, jobs, housing, and the environment –and visions for tying all the pieces together. The questions were designed to elicit the public's responses regarding their perceptions, values, aspirations, and experiences in their daily lives.