East Grand Forks Land Use Plan

The new East Grand Forks Land Use Plan will provide guidance for the City's development over the next thirty years.

CDG is working as part of a multi-disciplinary team to develop the City of East Grand Forks Land Use Plan Update.

The Land Use Plan is a long-range guiding document for how the City will manage growth and development over the next 30 years. It is updated every 5 years to respond to changes within the community and includes a wide range of topics, including population and employment projections, housing, transportation, land use, and how to develop sustainably.​

CDG is providing the following services toward development of the plan:

  • Urban design (including development of the City's new Urban Design Guidelines)
  • Active transportation (focusing on walkability and bikeability for the community, and as important contributors to economic development and quality of life)
  • Community engagement, including methods for dynamic and interactive online engagement to seek and obtain guidance from the East Grand Forks community 

The project began in August 2020 and will continue through November 2021.

Resources and related documents: