CyRide Transit System Redesign Study

CyRide is a vital transportation link for Iowa State University students and Ames residents. Image courtesy of Iowa State Daily.

With productivity that exceeds many large city systems, CyRide provides transportation for students, faculty, and staff to reach Iowa State University (ISU). In 2016, the transit system began a year-long study to determine the most efficient way to run the bus system. As part of the study, CyRide seeks to expand its services by providing intra-city connections for residents and employees. Community Design Group led community engagement services for this system update. CDG focused on creating interactive methods to engage with community members to collect the most useful feedback possible.

Since over 90% of all rides on the CyRide network are from ISU students, engagement activities were held throughout the ISU campus. Additionally, to engage the resident population, three Pop-Up activities were held in high profile locations around the City. In addition to the Pop-Up activities, CDG organized open houses, focus groups, and an online survey to gather additional community feedback. Participant feedback highlighted areas of gaps in service relating to route frequency and duration during weekdays. Increasing accessibility for all riders was also a top concern.