CSAH 81 Reconstruction Engagement Graphics

Specialized presentation graphics and a 3D virtual model support project communications for Public Open Houses and other related public engagement.

CDG is providing Hennepin County with design services in support of the Bottineau Boulevard (CSAH 81) roadway reconstruction project in the City of Brooklyn Park. The project will transform 1.5 miles of the existing 4-lane rural roadway into a 6-lane urban roadway with new walking and biking facilities (as recommended in CDG’s 2015 Brooklyn Park Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan).

CDG is providing specialized graphics and a 3D model to support communications for Public Open Houses and other public engagement efforts. Work includes development of detailed streetscape and intersection renderings, section graphics including landscape and streetscape options, construction process graphics, and mapping for additional online engagement. A combination of Rhino, Adobe Creative Suite and AutoCAD were used to develop the graphics.