Community Engagement: Hennepin County Pedestrian Plan

At one of the plan's community engagement listening sessions held throughout Hennepin County.

Hennepin County, in developing its first pedestrian plan, sought to maximize opportunity to gather insights from community members living in urban, suburban, and rural communities, with special emphasis on connecting with residents living in low-income and health disparity communities.

CDG developed a multifaceted community engagement and communications strategy to reach focus populations as well as the larger, general population of county residents. CDG’s activities for this project included:

  • Coordination, facilitation and recording of listening sessions with community and civic organizations throughout the county - including those made up of seniors, young people, and of members of ethnic and cultural groups,
  • Development of educational and participatory activities, including map-based activities, small group discussions, and in-person and web surveys, and
  • GIS mapping of issues named by participants.

CDG then developed a report that summarized issues present at each of the participating communities, and that provided useful information for County Staff about the kinds of improvements to be addressed by the Pedestrian Plan. The Plan was adopted by the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners in September of 2013.

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