Aguascalientes, Mexico bikeways

Aguascalientes has one of the highest rates of bicycling in Mexico and a growing inventory of safe, comfortable and inviting bikeways.

We're working with local partners to develop three new bikeways in the city of Aguascalientes, Mexico. The bikeways will provide important safety and connectivity improvements across the city, and are part of a larger, currently planned network of fifteen major bikeways. The bikeways feature latest safety and user comfort features informed by guidance from NACTO and the Ciclociudades manual (jointly developed by ITDP Mexico and the Dutch Bicycle Embassy).

Aguascalientes is the capital city of the state of Aguascalientes in central Mexico. A prosperous and growing city with a population of approximately 1 million people, it has one of the highest rates of bicycle use among large Mexican cities.

Our team's work includes concepts and preliminary planning, development of intersection concepts, and final design / construction documents. The projects are moving in an accelerated schedule and will begin construction in September 2019.

We have a long relationship with the city's leadership and design community, first working there in 2010. Most recently we led several information exchanges and ped/bike design trainings with Aguascalientes design professionals in 2016.