Welcome to our new site

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The gears are turning!

Greetings friends, welcome to our new website. It looks much like our previous version but has a whole different set of gears inside the hub (yes, clunky metaphor but I was trying to be less car-centric than "different engine under the hood"). Other candidates: different socks inside the shoe, different crank arms for our pedals, etc. - regardless, we're now running on a CMS instead of our previous static HTML site, it will help us more quickly and (and more often) share with you news about our work. Though we've been developing and providing CMS sites to clients since 2003 as part of our community engagement and planning services (from Blogger sites to full Drupal CMS installations) it has taken us until now to finally deploy our own site - proving the ancient "en casa del herrero, cuchara de palo" proverb: "wooden spoons in the blacksmith's house."

We'll be making updates and adding new features over the next couple of weeks, please pardon our dust if you encounter any. Also, if you're curious, we're running Drupal 7 and developed the site in-house.

Talk with you soon,