So we got this great new blog ...

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It's been a busy summer!

... but we've not been posting anything!

Truth is, we've been very busy with current projects, developing new partnerships, and participating in a range of exciting initiatives - from several pedestrian and bicycle planning projects at the city, county, regional and state level, to continuing our work with Nice Ride Mn and coordinating and managing four Open Streets events in Minneapolis - all while expanding our work into North Dakota, Iowa and South Dakota, presenting at several conferences, and also (for me) developing and teaching a new class on Sustainable Transportation at the U of M's Humphrey School.

So it has been a busy time - but as we finish out the summer recharged by (finally!) lots sun and heat, we'll begin to write more regularly and share updates or ideas that you might find interesting.

And as always, you can follow us on Twitter @comdesgrp where we'll continue to share relevant studies, news and events that come across our desks.

Until next time (soon, I promise),